The Gospel Coalition’s Themelios, December 2016

The Global Gospel was reviewed in the December 2016 issue of Themelios. The review was written by Christopher Flanders, professor of intercultural studies at Abilene Christian University. You can access the book review here.

IBMR: International Bulletin of Missionary Research, October 2015

The Global Gospel was reviewed in the October 2015 issue of International Bulletin of Missionary Research. The review was written by Simon Chan, Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Theological College, Singapore. You can access the book review here.

EMQ: Evangelical Missions Quarterly, January 2016

The Global Gospel was reviewed in the January 2016 issue of EMQ. The review was written by Soojin Chung, PhD student, Boston University. The review is available for online subscribers of EMQ. For EMQ subscribers, the link to the review is here.

Here is an excerpt (by permission of EMQ and Soojin Chung):

Both theoretical and practical, this well-researched volume is a fine addition to the study of cultures based on honor and shame. It also serves as a practical guide to missionaries, pastors, and lay leaders in providing crucial information regarding cross-cultural communication. What differentiates this book from other anthropological or missiological studies on honor and shame is its direct exegesis on biblical texts. While previous books provided a firm foundation on the culture of honor and shame, the primary source was not the Bible itself. In that regard, Mischke contributes immensely to the field of mission studies and mission practice.