The Global Gospel impacts many of the basics—how we read the Bible, how we preach the gospel, how we understand our mission, how we train leaders, how we collaborate in the global church.

The Global Gospel will stretch your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ by uncovering a major blind spot in Western theology, namely, honor and shame.

You’ll be led on a journey beyond a legal framework of the gospelto one that is “legal plus regal.”  How you communicate the gospel and live out the gospel—locally and globally—may well be transformed.

The Global Gospel  is a call for theological dialog and missional creativity rooted in the ancient paths of Scripture and the relational honor of our King. You and your team will be challenged to reconfigure what you do and expand what you believe is possible in our Lord’s Great Commission.

The Global Gospel describes how the honor/shame dynamics common to the Bible and many Majority World societies can be used to contextualize the gospel of Christ so it will be more widely received.

The Global Gospel is available through:

For inquiries, write to Werner Mischke: werner@mission1.org

The publishing advisor for The Global Gospel has been Dan Wright Publisher Services, Nashville, Tennessee.